inktober 2019

As I have begun studying footwear design this semester I have been looking for excuses to draw more. 

I am participating in Jake Parker's 2019 Inktober challenge and have designed a shoe every day of October based around the challenge's vague daily prompts.

Day 1: Ring

Running shoe.


My first attempt at footwear and a copic marker rendering.

Platform slide.


Whats more mindless than putting on a slide? Imagine one 12 in tall.

Day 2: Mindless

Hiking boot.


Laces tighten on this boot with a knob at the front of the tongue.

Day 4: Freeze

Water-resistent boot.


Gum sole + suede upper with various fasteners to prevent flooding.

Day 3: Bait

Training shoe.


Considering interactions between the sole and upper.

Day 6: Husky

Lifestyle shoe.

Day 5: Build

Rain boot.


Taking visual cues from science fiction and design opportunities from rain.

Day 8: Frail

Skate shoe.

Considering the impact of colorway + graphics. 

Day 7: Enchanted

Dress boot:

Attempting different material finishes. 

Day 10: Pattern

Running shoe.


Bigger toe kick, bigger heel kick. Rocking motion encouraged.

Day 9: Swing

Basketball sneaker.


Sole inspired by lizard bellies. Felt scales were too obvious.

Day 12: Dragon

Snow boot.

Playing with sole sculpting.

Day 11: Snow

Lifestyle sneaker.


Felt new waves approaching.

Day 13: Ash

Day 14: Overgrown

Rain boot.


Investigated the cell structure of plants as inspiration.

Day 15: Legend

Lifestyle sneaker.


Playing with material layering.

Day 16: Wild

Work boot


Thick and chunky.

Day 17: Ornament

Unisex dress shoe


Attmepted texturing with monochromatic colorways.

Day 18: Legend

Lifestyle sneaker.


Starting to become more comfortable rendering white.