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Fellow: Clara Coffee Scale 


The Clara Coffee Scale is a food weighing tool designed for fine grain ingredients, emphasizing precise measurements and an implementation of branding and styling.

Clara Coffee Scale

The Fellow consumer treats coffee as more than just a hobby, demanding professional tools that are tailored to a fine-tuned ritualistic brewing experience.

Design a new coffee accessory to solve for the unmet needs of the amateur home barista.

Design Opportunity

In a local 75-person study, participants were asked to identify what would be the easiest way to RUIN a cup of coffee.

Over half of participants responded that the “wrong coffee grounds/water ratio” had the biggest impact on serving a bad brew of coffee.

Consumers demonstrate concern that their coffee could be made too strong or too watered down, and striking a fine balance between the two is important to their practice of home brewing.

How might we

Design a food scale to compliment products in the Fellow brand?

1. Must apply FELLOW brand and form language.

2. Must functionally compliment other tools in the FELLOW product family

3. Must allow user to weigh grounds directly or indirectly, via another instrument.

1. Ideation - Fuctionality

Fellow Scale for web-17_edited.png

2. Ideation - Form Refinement

Fellow Scale for web-17_edited.png

3. Refinement - Journey Map

The design was refined to a 2-part clamshell design, allowing users to fill, weigh, and pour coffee grounds with little to no mess and fine accuracy. A journey map with the current design was composed to illustrate the various steps and then identify pressure points.

One pressing issue with the existing design was identified:

The lack of a pouring spout made it difficult to pour back a small portion of the grounds initially poured in.

Final Design Refinement

Though similar to the previous design, this scale includes a pouring spout for more accurate pouring.

The addition of a sharp corner also allows the user easier access and visibility to the controls and on-board screen.


Final Product

A small gap between the two parts allows users to easily pry apart the two pieces

Small magnets keep the scale closed when placed in storage

Proportioned to fit and compliment other products in the Fellow coffee product line, the scale is the perfect companion piece for Fellow’s Clara french press.

Thank you!

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